Congratulations Inovi Green!!! Winner of the 2014 Commitment to Green Award

Don't mind if we give ourselves a pat on the back, we've been working overtime with new and current clients on our green technologies! But hey, we want to congratulate the other finalists because we are all winners...

Kona Brewing Company - Your Coco Brown and Wailua Wheat are amazing, yes we definitely support at least one full time staff member with our enjoyment of these fine beverages.

Group70 - What an amazing architecture company, deeply respect the history and vision, and fun fact - your Sustainability Marketplace was one of the first locations where we displayed two of our technologies! 

Sunetric - HUGE Solar PV company...... nuff said..... 

Here's the formal announcement with some great pics!

2014 Pacific Edge Magazine Award Winners

2014 Pacific Edge Magazine Award Winners