Oil/ Fuel Additive Technologies

Golden Fry Technology

GFT is a newly designed, patent-pending oil saving plate. Engineered and manufactured in Japan, the completely food safe 100% titanium catalyst plate has been laboratory tested and proven to prolong the life of cooking oil by to 50 - 200%. It reduces cooking time and enhances the flavor of fried foods while cutting oil absorption by 50% – which means healthier fried foods!

GFT prevents frying oil degradation by slowing oil oxidation, hydrolysis and thermal polymerization or "sticking" of the oil molecules. This, in turn, minimizes rises in viscosity (thickness), smoking, odors, foaming and blackening. This more efficient, conditioned oil cooks foods faster at lower temperatures and reduces absorption into foods, resulting in a healthier, tastier fried food.

Fuel Additive

Fuel Treatment has extended fuel economy up to 15% per gallon in both gas and diesel engines. The highly concentrated treatment can be added directly to your fuel each time you fill up. In addition to improving your mileage, it also gives your vehicle more power, reduces exhaust emissions, and prevents rust and corrosion in your fuel system.  

Benefits >>

  • Increase of fuel economy up to 15%

  • Increases Injector & Fuel Filter Life

  • Increases Equipment Life

  • Lowers exhaust smoke and particulates up to 35%

  • Reduces greenhouse emissions by up to 70%

  • Lowers CO, SO and NOX