Monitoring Systems

Surface and Water Quality Monitoring Systems

Hygiena's cleaning verificaton system does more than just verify surface cleanliness: The system can evaluate the effectiveness of disinfectants and sanitizer, measure the performance of cleaning staff, and ensure compliance with cleaning protocols. Hygiena's system verifies that the optimal levels of cleanliness are met. Utilizing advanced technologies and patented deisgns, Hygiena manufactures and delivers the most accurate, lowest cost, and no-maintenance ATP monitoring system to the global healthcare marketplace.

ATP Cleaning Verification System

The detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal unit of energy in all living cells, immediately determines if medical surfaces and equipment are truly clean. Hygiena’s ATP cleaning verification system offers healthcare personnel a system that is easy to use and can be implemented in any facility. The SystemSURE Plus luminometer and UltraSnap swab devices lead the industry for value, quality, and reliability.

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DNA Amplifier

Smart-DART™ Platform is a gene-based solution. Gene-based solutions are highly sensitive, accurate, and adaptable. Unlike, traditional PCR based methods, Smart-DART™ is based on an isothermal amplification method, which when combined with our patent-pending molecular probe, hardware, and a smart-phone or tablet results in one of the only truly mobile, real-time detection platforms.

Smart-DART™ Platform is portable and hand-held, perfectly suited for researchers to conduct LAMP-based assays in the field.  It uses an Android application to control the device, enabling easy data sharing and management.  It is one of the only truly mobile, real-time diagnostic platforms.