Sustainability Strategies 

Inovi Green is a Hawaii-grown technology commercialization company which specializes in clean energy and “green,” sustainable technologies.  The majority of Inovi’s work focuses on supplying technologies that make it safer and more cost-effective for organizations to operate. The company first started out supplying aqueous ozone, a chemical-free alternative to chlorine and other toxic cleaning products, and now offers 15 different products to farmers, suppliers, distributors, public and private schools, hotels, hospitals, city and state agencies.  Inovi Green believes in sustainability management, we help organizations adopt sustainable strategies by bridging environmentally sound solutions in social and economic decision making. Sustainability provides an unprecedented opportunity to increase profitability, drive innovation, increase efficiency, and move companies into the next stage of maturity and growth.

Inovi Green partners with clients to develop sustainable technologies and solutions. Some of our projects include: 

  • Using unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor pests, pathogens, and plant health
  • Developing low-cost and eco-friendly solutions for food sanitization
  • Developing local, organic fertilizers and feeds to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on imports